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Where did 2010 go??? December 30, 2010

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Alright, I know that I am not the first or only person to marvel at the date, but seriously, where did the rest of the year go???

I hope you all had a wonder holiday season, whatever you may be celebrating. Our last month and a half was incredibly busy with school obligations, kids activities, regular family stuff, and work, always work. 🙂 The last quarter is always very busy at my job so now that we have passed Christmas I am taking a couple of much needed days off.

This last week gave me the chance to see my best friend since Jr High, who currently lives in Hawaii. We rarely see each other so it was great to get an evening to go for coffee (well a Chai for me; I don’t like the taste of coffee). Tonight we are having a bit of a reunion with a couple of our other girlfriends from school who are in town…I’m so excited to see them!

I also celebrated my birthday, amazing my kids at how old I am now (a whopping 34 years old). My 3 year old then told me, “then you’ll be 84, then 94…” hmmm, there are days I feel like that. 🙂

On the crafting front, I haven’t abandoned it entirely. I kind of hit a wall in October, and had a hard time coming up with many things. I have a couple of videos over on YouTube though. The worst thing was that I couldn’t get my butt in gear to make my Christmas cards. I really tried, honestly! And then I finally got some done, but not in time to fill them out, address them and mail them before Christmas. Sigh. Well, I guess I have a great jump on 2011? I think we are going to send out New Years cards instead. Whether they will be handmade is quite another story. 🙂

Speaking of 2011, I need to challenge myself. My best friend and I were both lamenting how behind we are on scrapbooking (and other crafts for me too). So we are going to set goals for ourselves and check in on each other to make sure we are working on them. One of my yearly goals is to complete 100 scrapbook pages, which works out to about 8 pages a month. Doable I think. A more immediate goal though is to challenge muself to create something every day in January. It doesn’t have to be a page, but maybe a card, or a mini album completed in a few days, or crochet an amigirumi animal…as long as I dedicate some time each day to creating. At first I thought that I would post a video daily, but that’s a bit too ambitious with my schedule and the time it takes to post Flip videos (love mine but its irritating that it needs so much reformatting. Instead, I’ll take photos each day and post them here, and maybe at the end of each week I can make a video recap of what I worked on.

So anyway…a bit more rambling about what’s been happening and what I’d like to accomplish. Let’s see how it goes! I also want to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year, full of happiness, peace and creativity!

My daughter, during a creative dress up moment today. 😉


New roof! September 30, 2010

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Today is an exciting day! We are finally replacing the roof on the house. It’s been in sore need and the huge leak that has developed over the porch is the last straw. Unfortunately, it isn’t like we have a “Replace the Roof Fund” so we’ll be penny-pinching for a while, but there you are, the joys of home ownership.

I’ve taken the day off to be on hand, just in case, so once I get a few chores done around the house (I’m on the second load of laundry with about 3 more to go, ugh) I am taking advantage of my son being in Kindergarten to work on some craft projects. First and foremost I have to finish my banner swap so it can go in the mail tomorrow. Then I have a few cards to make, and there are some stamps that are feeling very neglected. 🙂 Poor craft supplies, they need some love.

Pictures coming soon! 🙂