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New site to check out! April 3, 2011

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I’m trolling around the internets today and land on Jennifer McGuire‘s blog. It’s funny, I love blogs, but spending as much time on the computer at work as I do, when I’m home I don’t do a lot of surfing so I don’t jump on many blogs. My most visited sites are Facebook and YouTube, then probably Google. But this weekend I found one thanks to Jennifers site.

It’s called Lily Pad Cards, and just launched on 4/1. I’m really excited by the plans to offer challenges, sketches and other tips/tricks for all of us crafty minded folks. I love seeing how creative others are and think this will be a great chance to see some new things. PLUS, since they are launching they have a great giveaway going one until tomorrow. I think of this as a bit of a game of telephone…to enter they’ve asked for the following to be added to a blog post (and I’m happy to comply!): There’s a new challenge blog in town with articles, swaps, interviews, videos, challenges, great prizes and MORE! Check out Lily Pad Cards! [Link:]

I hope your Sunday is a lovely, crafty one. I can’t wait to sit down at my table and work on something creative, something bright and cheerful. It’s been so gray and drizzly here in Michigan, but so far hasn’t turned to snow. Fingers crossed. Before I head home I need to stop at Michaels for a little drawstring bag (I’m pretty sure I’ll find them in the wedding aisle). My son is about to lose his very first tooth and I need to make sure we are prepared for the Tooth Fairy’s visit. I think the little bag will be the perfect place to keep the tooth safe and great for the fairy to leave some little goodie for him. It’s such a strange feeling…I remember how excited we were when his first tooth came in and now it’s the same tooth that is the first to fall out. Sorry, sentimental mommy moment. 🙂

I also need to post some pictures of the cards I’ve been working on…I haven’t been too idle since my last post, though of course I feel like I never get enough crafting done to satisfy me. 🙂 Darn full time job and other responsibilities! People who get to craft for a living make me so envious!

Hugs and much love to you!


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