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Happy St. Patty’s Day! March 17, 2011

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I hope you are having a lovely “top o’ the day” kind of day today! It’s supposed to be around 60 degrees today…can you believe it? It has felt as though winter has had us in his clutches forever! I took a bit of a walk outside this morning, watching a light breeze rustle those brown crispy leaves that were too stubborn to fall from the trees last fall, listening to the sparrows chirp as they swoop around looking for nesting material…all around a good time.

So how am I spending St. Patty’s Day? I am the responsible one who is not skipping work to drink green beer (ick!) but we are having some fun and made some green popcorn. You may say “ick” too, but honestly it tastes just like regular popcorn. Trust me on this one…I am a very willing taste tester when it comes to popcorn! lol

Here’s a pic:

Later today I think we’ll make shamrock shaped cookies…but no, I won’t be making corned beef and cabbage. I can’t claim even an ounce of Irish blood and cabbage is one of those things I just can’t make myself eat. So we’ll celebrate in other ways that the kids will enjoy. Although just wearing green was enough for my son…he was worried about the cats though. “They don’t have any green on, can you make them a green sweater Mommy?” lol, well, I’m good, but at 8am, not so much. Plus, he doesn’t understand that the cats would go ballistic if I dared put some kind of shirt on them. 🙂

I hope that your own St. Patty’s day festivites are merry!


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