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Where, oh where, has Melanie gone??? March 14, 2011

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Sorry that I have been totally MIA for the past 2 months. Well, not totally. I’ve been posting on YouTube, watching UStream, Tweeting occasionally. But not blogging. A few reasons for that. 1. I’ve been thinking about switching blogs…again. I’ve been playing with a new template on blogger because I’d like the ability to sell through my blog, and so many folks who are successful with that do so with a Blogger account. Not so say that you can’t do that with WordPress, but I am so un-techy and have little time to learn that I want to find a simple way to place a “Buy now” button. So I’m checking out my options. 2. I’ve come the conclusion that I generally suck at blogging. Not that I think I completely suck at writing; when I’m in the right mood I can crank out a few paragraphs that even include a few witty comments with few spelling errors. But again, I beg forgiveness that Time takes me hostage. I have 2 full time jobs…the first one requires that I get dressed for and drive to, and the other requires that I dress 2 small children and drive for. That’s the one where brushing my hair & wearing matching clothes is completely optional. My first job also dedicates lots of computer time, so when I get home and have some time to sit at the computer often my brain is just a tad fried and coherent sentences are a struggle.

But, I promise to try to be better about it. And who knows if anyone is actually reading this, if not, well then no harm done. lol  But I’ve also been thinking that if I don’t just focus on crafty topics, perhaps I’ll set aside a few minutes for a quick post about how my daughter ate pudding last night, and when she turned to look at me to ask for more, she had so much on her face that she practically got a second helping. Or how my son had a blast at a friends swim party yesterday and how we have to sign him up for lessons before he permanently swims like a Labrador puppy. You know, the other stuff in life. Because it all influences when and how I create.

Wow, I’m monologuing. Sorry about that, just had to get it out! lol So I have been creating, working a lot in my art journals, shoveling lots of snow, not sleeping enough…the usual. I did complete Marion Smiths challenge (all of the videos are on my YouTube Channel), which was great. I got lots of projects done that were sitting around. Now of course I have lots of other projects that need to be completed, which just keeps things fun.

The other thing I’m working on, related to the comment about thinking about setting up a new blog is creating some mini album kits. If anyone is reading this out there, what do you think? I wonder if anyone would be interested? It would be fun for me to put them together, I guess I just worry that there are so many kits out there, how could mine be different? So I’m researching and will figure this out. Stay tuned!

And lastly, I do have something to share…it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Lawn Fawn stamps. If you haven’t heard of this new company (they just celebrated their 1 year anniversary, congrats!) you should definitely check them out. I’ve used their stamps in a variety of projects and just keep coming back to them. Plus they are made in the USA, BIG FAN of that. Before I sound like a billboard ad (hee hee) I wanted to share their link so you can check out their blog. They have an amazing design team (and don’t think I haven’t wished to be part of that creative team!) and the samples posted in the current release posts will just blow you away. I already have a long wish list of stamps and this release just added a few more! (Now if my house could hold off on major repairs for a bit so I can indulge in a couple of sets, I would be most grateful!). Happy peeking!

Ok, I’ll close for now. I’ll be back sooner than later, I promise. BTW, I saw a flock of robins the other day…yes,  a flock of about 15-20 robins. Oddest thing, but gave me hope that spring may finally be making it’s way here! Hope you are seeing some signs of spring also!


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